I am a freelance Art Director. I have worked in the creative industry for the past 15+ years and have a diverse and exciting career that has taken me all over the world. I work directly with clients, focusing on brand identity, design, and art direction for both corporate business and retail sectors.

My main experiences lies in the fashion industry which is largely based in catalogue and the high street (Womens, Mens and Kids).
My work ranges from catalogues (page layouts through to art directing and print), brochures (concepts through to art directing and print), in-store photography, point of sale, press, look books to brand identity and consultancy.

Here's a little background about me:
I graduated at Portsmouth College in 1989. Started work in the Design Development Dept. at Freemans (working on small publications such as Wallis, Hornes Men, Complete Essentials and other brands).
Then in 1993 I became Senior Creative Team Leader in Catalogue devision working on young fashion and special projects including catalogue rebranding, brand identity and the collection brochure.
I left to be a freelance Art Director in 1997, since then I have worked with a varied range of clients within the field of fashion, brochure, interiors, ecatalogues and web design. My work consists of art directing, designing, which also features conceptual work, and consultancy.

I have a creative passion and desire to achieve the very best work possible for my clients and to do it to the best of my abilty whilst always encouraging the individual skills of the team with whom I am working alongside.